Thanks BBHN, Hello AREDN!


Just a quick note to say that I did enjoy the short time that I was on the BBHN beta test team last year and early this year (2014-2015).  When I saw the opportunity to implement an easy way to use tunnels with the mesh, I jumped in and built an efficient solution.  Thanks to the other beta team members and other developers (BBHNdev team) for their guidance.  I’m very happy to see that the tunnel add-on is in use widely and bringing mesh islands together!

However, as of early 2015, I have decided to focus my efforts and move over to the AREDN ( project.  All of the active developers from BBHN in 2014 have moved over to the AREDN project, and I am really enjoying how this team “meshes” together.  It is exciting to see the new advancements that we are producing in the area of mesh networks and are committed to keeping AREDN as an open source project that is the leader in the amateur radio microwave space.