AREDN Project Announced!

Announcing AREDN™

The Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network

San Diego, CA: Mesh technology has evolved over the years. Most notably, BBHN (formerly HSMM-MESH) developers have expanded their unique mesh approach to environmentally robust, commercially available, Ubiquiti, hardware. This has changed the complexion of mesh implementations from an experimental, hobby-oriented, novelty into a viable alternative network suitable for restoring some level of Inter/intra-net connectivity when “all else fails.”

This weekend, the developers of BBHN software kick-off a new project focused on taking this technology to the next level. Comprised of the project manager, developers, and several of the testers who brought BBHN to Ubiquiti hardware, this team is geared to pick up where BBHN leaves off.

The AREDN (“r-den”) Project mission is to provide the Amateur Radio Community with a quality solution for supporting the needs of high speed data in the Amateur Radio Emergency Communications field.

We invite you to download and adopt the AREDN Release 3.0.2 and give us the opportunity to support your EMCOMM mesh implementation.

See us at the Palm Springs Hamfest this Saturday, 3/14, at 11:30 AM, Forum A, for our kick-off presentation.