BroadbandHamNet 3.0.0b02 BETA available!

I have been testing on 3.0.0b02 since it was released (as well as the 3.0.0 experimental), and it is very stable.

HIGHLY recommend updating to 3.0.0b02 ASAP!


From the BBHN dev team…

The bug in release BBHN 1.1.2 announced in August causes OLSR Secure to crash. It is more widespread than originally thought… and it occurs in both Ubiiquiti and Linksys devices.

We have confirmed multiple causes within the Secure module itself, so we have posted a BBHN experimental version 3.0.0b02 with the Secure module removed. We have also added a “watchdog” that looks for an OLSR hung-state and automatically restarts OLSR when it finds it so.

We encourage you to move to this interim release as we continue our troubleshooting. You will find it under “Experimental Builds” on the Software Download page.

Note that we have begun using a new version numbering method which defines the Mesh protocol compatibility in the first digit. Since the Secure module has been removed, you can see that this 3.0.0 release will not be compatible with earlier “-v2″ firmware.

We are sorry for the inconvenience it may represent for deployed networks.
The Ubiquiti Development Team